Congratulations, Mrs. Yortzidis!

February 12, 2024

We are overjoyed to announce Mrs. Anna Yortzidis, our 1st-grade teacher, as the Region 3 Best Elementary Teacher! This award honors educators who transform learning. Mrs. Yortzidis exemplifies this spirit.

Her passion ignites a love for learning in every student. She tailors lessons to individual needs, fostering understanding and self-esteem for all.

Beyond the classroom, Mrs. Yortzidis fosters strong connections. She collaborates with colleagues, families, and students, building a supportive community that thrives on open communication.

Her leadership extends far beyond academics. Mrs. Yortzidis champions equity and inclusivity, ensuring every student feels valued and respected. This commitment makes her a true champion for all.

The entire school community celebrates Mrs. Yortzidis' achievement. Her dedication and passion inspire us all! Congratulations, Mrs. Yortzidis!