Safety & Security/Visiting Our School

Safety - Our Mutual Priority

All exterior doors are locked during the school day

  • All visitors must go to Entrance #1 on Beulah Street to gain access to the building. Visitors will ring the bell to reach staff in the front office who can remotely unlock the door (second door from the bell).
  • To maintain the momentum of instruction, items brought to the office for students during school hours (lunches, homework, materials, etc.) will be held in the office.  Office staff will call into classrooms for students to pick up the items.

Visitors to the Building

All Fairfax County Public Schools utilize an automated computer system for visitors.  Each visitor will be required to:

  • Scan their driver's license (a passport, State Department, or military ID is also acceptable)
  • Provide the location and reason for the visit
  • Be photographed

While on school property, everyone must wear a badge.  Anyone without a badge will be escorted to the main office.

Safety Drills

Throughout the school year, all Fairfax County Public Schools are required to conduct the following safety drills.  Drills are conducted for students and staff to gain an understanding and fluency in applying drill procedures to ensure safety and security for all.

  • Fire Drills - two times within the first 20 days of school, then monthly for the remainder of the school year
  • Lockdown Drills - one within the first 20 days of school and a second one after the first 60 days of school
  • Tornado Drills - one in March
  • Bus Emergency Drills - one within the first 30 days of school and one within the first 30 days of the second semester

Teachers practice emergency drills with our students to ensure safety. Drills are taught as a precautionary measure and help our students learn how to respond effectively in an emergency.

Please take a moment to discuss the importance of these drills with your child and contact your child's teacher with any questions you might have.