School Supply Lists

Supply lists identified by grade or program

Parents have two options for obtaining school supplies for their child.

Purchase supplies on their own from local retailers OR order a pack from School Tool Box (online orders only) - a PTA-sponsored vendor.  View grade level supply lists below.

Orders placed with School Tool Box will be delivered to the home (not school) within about 10 days of placing it.  The order can be customized by adding or removing items from the teacher-approved list.  Already have a ruler or scissors?  Remove them.  Need an additional box of crayons for home or supplies for a sibling?  Add them.  It's that simple!

Go to, type in "Franconia" and choose the Franconia in Alexandria to get to the screen with all the grade level boxes.

A couple of things to remember:

  • Please make sure to have supplies shipped home and not to the school.
  • Also, please do not label your child's supplies.